Can Southampton win the league?

Can Southampton win the league? Sounds like a strange statement but looking up and down the table, it is reasonable to give it some thought. They currently sit in second place, just four points behind Chelsea. They have been one of the most exciting teams to watch this season. After a very interesting off-season which saw their manager, captain, striker, and 3 defenders leave left most people thinking that the Saints would be in a relegation fight. Well they are in a fight for their place, but at the other, much happier, end of the table. While the other traditionally top 5 or 6 teams keep disappointing (except Chelsea, but more on that later) the Saints have taken advantage and sit nicely in second place. I don’t think anyone catches Chelsea, but a spot in Europe and possibly the Champions League is not out of the question. Tip of the hat to Ronald Koeman. Hope they can keep it up.

Huge three points for Chelsea. They are surely now in the driver’s seat for the title. They have a four point lead on the Saints, but more importantly are 9 points head of Man City. While I realize there is a lot of the season left to play, it will be very difficult to catch Chelsea. They put in a great performance at Anfield, and in the end had more quality than Liverpool in front of goal and, more importantly, on the back line. I will say that it was probably a penalty on Cahill, but in the end well done and probably a deserved 3 points.

Is Germany becoming the new Scottish Premier League? Is there any other conclusion than a runaway Bayern Munich championship? The closest team is Wolfsburg and they are 4 points back, but Munich seem unbeatable right now. In other German news big result for Dortmund this weekend. They absolutely needed 3 points and that is what they got. It was not very convincing and still leaves lots of questions, but the result was needed. It will be interesting to watch as they have qualified for the Round of 16 in Europe and sit just outside of the relegation zone.

Another team that I felt needed to win against a quality team was Real Sociedad and they responded by beating Atleti on Sunday 2-1. It was a huge win for them and moves them up the table and, for now, out of the relegation zone. Just like in Munich, Madrid are looking very unbeatable. They scored another 5 goals this weekend and they didn’t even look like they were in top gear. It will be interesting to see if Barca can catch them, but they are looking very good this year.

Congrats to PSG on their win over Marseille.  Their win means Marseille’s lead is only 1 point. In fact, the difference between 1st and 4th is only four points. France might be the league to watch for a good championship race.

This weekend is an international break. On Friday, I’ll talk about some big matches coming up during the break.


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