Relegation Battle Update…

Relegation Battle

The season is winding down and the points are getting more and more critical.  Here is an update on who will not be joining us next year in the top flights.

English Premier League

Current Bottom 3: Burnley (26), QPR (27), Sunderland (33) (game in hand)

Safe for now: Leicester (34), Hull (34) (game in hand), Newcastle (35), Aston Villa (35)

This weekend saw huge wins for Leicester, Sunderland, and Aston Villa.  It looks like QPR and Burnley are set to be relegated following their defeats.  If Sunderland is able to win their game in hand then they will jump out of the bottom 3 but they need all 3 points in that game.  This should be a fascinating race to the finish.  Personally, I hope Leicester is able to escape and stay up but I think Sunderland will pull it off again.

German Bundesliga

Current Bottom 2: Stuttgart (27), Hannover (30)

Playoff Spot: Freiburg (30)

Safe for Now: Paderborn (31), Hamburger (31), Hertha (34), Eintracht (36), Koln (36)

Hamburger and Paderborn got huge wins this week.  With just 9 points available, the bottom of the table could change drastically. There are many huge 6 point games remaining feature the teams on this list.  I think it will be interesting to see what happens at the bottom end of this table.

French Ligue 1

Current Bottom 3: Lens (26), Metz (30), Evian (37)

Safe for Now: Stade Reims (38), Toulouse (39), Lorient (39), Caen (39), Nice (42)

Lens is relegated all ready with just 3 games left.  Metz are in trouble since they will need to win all three of their remaining games to escape the drop.  Evian is close to safety and will need points but it should be an interesting race over the next three weeks.

Italian Serie A

Current Bottom 3: Parma (16) (game in hand), Cesena (24), Cagliari (24) (game in hand)

Safe for Now: Atalanta (33)

The relegation race is all but over.  With just four games left, there are 12 points remaining.  This means that Cesena and Cagliari need to win all of their remaining games in order to have a shot at escaping but one of the two will get relegated.

Spanish La Liga

Current Bottom 3: Cordoba (20), Granada (28), Deportivo (30)

Safe for Now: Almeria (31) (game in hand), Eibar (31), Levante (35), Getafe (36)

Cordoba is now relegated to la Liga Adelante.  Granada and Deportivo are in trouble but can still escape if they are able to string together some points.  It will be interesting to see if they are able to get out of the bottom 3.


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