End of the Year Review

In what was the final weekend across many of the leagues, it is a great time to look back at this season and remember how great this wonderful game is.  From the tantalizing fixtures, to the somewhat meaningless games near the end of the season.  The rise of Harry Kane has happened this season.  Lowly Bradford City upset Chelsea in the FA Cup.  Steven Gerrard got a red card in under a minute against Man United.  Manchester United has returned to the Champions League after a season out of the league.  We have seen Leicester sit on the bottom of the table for most of the season and somehow survive.  Real Madrid went on a 21 game unbeaten run and did not win the league or Champions League.  Juventus have won 2 titles and could possibly earn their first ever treble.  A club that was bankrupt came out and beat the Champions when Parma beat Juventus.  One player took a selfie on the field after he scored a goal and then a fan got a tattoo of this moment.  We have seen the rise of Valencia again as they also return to the Champions League.  We have seen Cristiano Ronaldo score more goals than he ever had before in a league season.  Leo Messi reminded the world how good he really is and showed us all why he is so special to watch and enjoy.  We saw a team in Borussia Dortmund at the bottom of the table at the winter break climb all the way to a Europa League place.  Bayern Munich continued their domination as they ran away with the league but couldn’t find great success elsewhere.  We saw the Bayern Medical team quit midseason following a row with Pep Guardiola.  PSG fought off Lyon to win their third Ligue 1 title.  They could win a domestic treble this weekend as well.  Monaco was able to keep their place in the Champions League, despite key players leaving during the season.  We have seen the end of some great careers across the top 5; Xavi, Drogba, Lampard, and Gerrard to name a few.  Jurgen Klopp has stepped down at Borussia Dortmund.  Carlo Ancelotti was sacked one season after winning the Champions League at Real Madrid.  PS is there a curse?  Mourinho left Inter in 2011 after winning on 2010.  Pep left Barcelona after winning in 2011.  Di Matteo was fired after winning in 2012 with Chelsea.  Jupp Heynckes left after winning in 2013.  And now Ancelotti after winning on 2014.  Interesting to say the least.

It was a fantastic season and we still have some more big games left to come.  The Europa League final is this Wednesday.  The last weekend in Italy is this weekend.  The rest of the league cup finals are also this weekend.  Then on June 6th is the big one, the Champions League final.  Congrats to all the fans of the teams that won their leagues, or those that survived.  And in just about 75 days, we will see the return of the leagues and will see go on another adventure.

Here is my end of the season awards

Player of the Year: Leo Messi – Barcelona

Young Player of the Year: Paulo Dybala – Palermo

Manager of the Season: Max Allegri – Juventus

Moment of the Season: Morata knocking out Real Madrid from Champions League

Goal of the Season: Charlie Adam vs Chelsea

Signing of the Season: Alvaro Morata – Juventus

Flop Player of the Season: Mario Balotelli – Liverpool

Flop Team of the Season: Borussia Dortmund

Surprise of the Season: Dortmund bottom of the table at the winter break

EPL Pick Em Recap –

In the inaugural year of the EPL Pick Em Buzz, or @buzzpinson, is the winner after winning the final weekend 7-6 to make the overall score 247 to 237.  I will have to wait till next year to try and get him back!  Congrats Buzz!!

For all the relegation and promotion and Champions League/Europa League news please check out the Champions page on the top.

I will be posting a Europa League preview Wednesday morning, as well as a weekend preview on Friday.  Please check out the twitter handle @SoccerPond as I will be tweeting my reactions to the big signings this summer!!


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