It’s back…Well almost!!!

It is back!!! The English Premier League returns this Saturday as the 2015-16 season gets underway.  As the new season starts and all of the big five leagues return to play, there will be some changes to the blog.  The updating schedule will be the same, with posts on Fridays and Mondays.  However, now the format will be that Fridays will look at the biggest 5-7 games of the weekend, and on Mondays we will recap the results of the weekend.  Over the next couple of weeks, I will be writing about each of the big five leagues and previewing their starts.  Ligue 1 is the first to return with it starting this Friday, August 7th.  The EPL returns on the following day, The Bundesliga starts on Friday the 14th,   La Liga returns on August 21st, and lastly, Serie A returns on August 22nd.  To start I will be posting about the EPL today and then look for my French Ligue 1 preview on Wednesday!  The rest will come in the next couple weeks.


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