Winners & Losers From This Weekend


  1. Marcus Rashford, Manchester United – About 7 days ago, very few Manchester United fans knew who Marcus Rashford was, or what position he played. Now the 18 year old is the player on the mind of every United fan. He made his debut on Thursday against Midtjylland and scored two goals in the second half.  Then he got the start this weekend against Arsenal and played brilliantly, scoring two goals within the first 3 minutes.  He was the man of the match and has given United fans some hope.  While he still needs to grow and get some play time, he was phenomenal this weekend.
  2. Juventus – The Italian giants are now 3 points clear at the top following their win in the Derbi d’Italia and Napoli’s 1-1 draw with Fiorentina. This gives Juve a leg up in their bid for their 5th straight title. Leonardo Bonucci opened the scoring and the Alvaro Morata put the game out of reach with a late penalty kick.  Then on Monday, Marcos Alonso gave Fiorentina a lead in the 6th minute.  However, the lead lasted just one minute as Gonzalo Higuain leveled the score.  The tie would help Juventus move 3 points clear.  Juventus are the big winners this weekend.
  3. Diego Simeone, Atletico Madrid – After 14 years without even one win in the Madrid derby, Simeone has now won on their last 3 trips to the Bernabeu, and are unbeaten in their last 6 clashes. Simeone is the mastermind behind all of this and he has really changed the culture at Atletico.  He has turned them into a powerful team in Spain.  He has taken Atleti to the final of the Champions League and won them a league title.  He got his tactics spot on again in what was a typical Atleti performance.  They were strong at the back and hit Real on a lethal counterattack.  Simeone may be moving on after the season, but his mark will not be forgotten.
  4. Louis Van Gaal’s Flop, Manchester United – If you missed this, I have included a picture of it, but I recommend the video. Following a tackle on Alexis Sanchez that led to him theatrically falling down, Louis van Gaal came flying down from his seat in the stands to get right in the face of the fourth official and then he fell to the ground.  This set the ground to a roar as the fans have been waiting to see some passion and fire from Van Gaal.  He finally showed them this.  It also sent the internet ablaze as there have been some great memes created.
  5. Bruno Genesio, Lyon – The Lyon manager finally got his tactics right and Lyon were able to defeat PSG following defeats in the Coupe de France and the Coupe de la Ligue. He set up his side perfectly and they looked great from start to finish.  He has slowly started to turn Lyon around and has them in a Champions League place.  This was a great result and Genesio has Lyon looking really good.


  1. Fiorentina Perez, Real Madrid – The Real Madrid president has been under pressure all season but now the pressure is boiling over. The team that he has built is not performing and not a balanced side. On the day that Perez got rid of Rafa Bentiez, Real Madrid were just 2 points behind Barcelona.  They are now 12 points behind them.  The team is not very balanced and a lot of that comes down on Perez and his signings.  The fans are not happy and there are rumors that he will bring forward the presidential elections by a year.  He will need to shift his focus this summer and not just buy some big name in the attack.  This is going to be a massive summer for the legacy of Perez and the future of Real Madrid.
  2. Raheem Sterling, Manchester City – While he was on the winning side of the League Cup final, Raheem Sterling was a big reason as to why this game went to penalties. The former Liverpool player really struggled in front of goal, missing a handful of clear cut chances. Sterling was then not picked to take a penalty kick.  He was on the winning side, but he really struggled in this game.
  3. Arsene Wenger, Arsenal – How can he not be on the losing end after getting so much wrong this weekend? This was supposed to be the year that Arsenal ended their league title drought, but it looks like they have blown their chance. Wenger was not able to find the winning formula this weekend and that hurt him.
  4. PSG – They are only on the losing end of the weekend because their unbeaten season is over. They lost for the first time this season after going 27 games unbeaten in the league. They looked tired and really off the pace.  Thiago Silva and Thiago Motta really looked bad.  They will still have the title clinched by the end of the month, but this weekend was not a good one for them.
  5. Hoffenheim – This German side had a 1-0 lead against Borussia Dortmund before Dortmund were able to kick their game into high gear and were able to overcome Hoffenheim and win the game. This result coupled with Hannover beating Stuttgart 2-1 means that Hoffenheim are closer to the bottom of the table and look to be in some trouble.  This relegation battle just got a lot tighter.

Picture of the Week

What else could I pick…


Goal of the Week

My goal of the week has to go to the best player in the world, Lionel Messi.  This suburb free kick is amazing.


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